Aalsa Til baka

The Home page on the site is named Aalsa and from there you can go wherever you want to around the site. On the navigation on the top of every page you can go direct to the Home page by clicking Aalsa.

There is not much to explain or translate on the Home page. Don't forget to scroll all the way down the page because there you can see the current temperature for various places.

The first page from the Home page, rni, is about me and then comes a page with my family, Fjlskylda. There is information about each of the family members plus some photos. The members of the family are my daughters sta Bjrk and Arna Hrnn and sons, Hjalti Brynjar and sgeir Viar. I also have four grandchildren, Einar li, Elsa Ds, Gunnar Kri and Freyja Rn.

I had a wonderful dog for some time, a Golden Retriever called Perla, she simply means so much to me that she has her own page here.

Page number four is ttfri (Genealogy). There are the dates of birth in the family and some information about my mother, father, sisters and brothers.

The next page is Vinir (Friends). I have few but good friends and their names slide across the screen on the page and there are also photos of some of them.

There is a little story to be told regarding the eyes there. In Icelandic we ask friends to "kkja kaffi" (pop in for a cup of coffee) but it really means that we ask them to "look" into our home. That's the reason for the eyes.

The sixth page to visit is Myndir (Photos). There you can see all sorts of photos from my albums. Remember to visit the site from time to time because there will be changes made on this page.

The name on page seven is Feralg (Travelling). I perhaps don't travel much but still enough to have photos from my travelling here. I have travelled a lot Innanlands (In Iceland) and a also Erlendis (Abroad). Take a look at the photos there.

There are pages on my site about two of my favorite sports, Golf and Formula - 1.

The page called Manchester United needs not much explanation. There are fixtures, results, latest news, photos and more regarding the best football club ever!

Now we've come to the page Veraldarvefurinn (World Wide Web); loaded with all sorts of interesting links. My advice is that you take a good look at all of them.

The last page on the site is named International versions and from there you go to the one you are looking at right now! This page has five sisters, German version, Portuguese version, Spanish version, French version and Russian version.

I really hope you liked the tour and will visit the site again.